Legal battles can be draining — both financially and emotionally  — for parties and their families.  Mediation offers many benefits.  It can be a less expensive way to resolve disputes.  Mediation also takes much less time than moving a case through the legal system.

At Creative Resolutions Mediation, LLC, we help individuals and families create personal solutions to their conflicts.

Jennifer L. Rice, Attorney at Law and Linda Baum, Licensed Psychologist are experienced Colorado mediators. Jennifer and Linda received their mediation training from IADR Global in Boulder (now known as Mediators Without Borders) with a specific focus on divorce and child custody mediation.  We offer mediation services for divorce, family issues and small businesses.

We recognize that many people are unable to communicate effectively on their own. Facilitation of communication between the parties is the essence of mediation. We believe that this is best accomplished using a team of two professional facilitators: an attorney and a psychologist. This combination helps address both the legal and relationship issues between the parties.